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 This webpage is to show others what type of issues we are having here with the Hilltop View LLC  in Oakland Twp. This is located in Schuyler Co. 8 miles NE from Rushville, IL which is the county seat for Schuyler Co.  in west central Illinois


The Hilltop View LLC CAFO was built 2 years ago against the wishes of the surrounding residents.  Some have health issue with their breathing and this was told at the public meeting that was held before the permits were issued to constructed the CAFO.  There were many signatures on petitions' saying "NO" to this.  There were pleaded from many to the Illinois AG to not issue them a permit but this "ALL' fell on deaf ears. 

Every time there were news report on TV they say they are going to hold an open meeting for another construction of a new CAFO  for the public to state their opinions. They will tell the public there will be lots of tax revenue by having this in the township. They promise you all the good thing leaving out what all can happen if they have a spill from the CAFO or the odors that will reek from them the spreading of the manure on the fields that also reek and run off if applied at the rainy times. They forget to tell you about the airborne bacteria that gets into the air endangering the health of those who have to breath it every day. ALL FOR PROGRESS.  You can see from the pictures of things that have been happening at this CAFO.

 Go to our Photo page and see what we have log so far.  We will be adding more as I'm sure as this CAFO is always doing things they shouldn't. Click on the photo in the upper left hand corner of this page to view the photos and the stories that will explain each one of them.  This is a new site so hope you keep it in your favorites and there will be updates as we get them. 

Thank you for looking