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Welcome to our photo gallery.

Here you will see some of our issues we are having with

the Hilltop View LLC.

We have been taking pictures at different time since June 6, 2006 at the 

time of their construction.


These are latest photos we have taken on Sept 14, 2008.

We had a huge rain on the weekend these were taken.

There was a little over 4 1/2" just in one day

plus it had been raining days before this.

One of the Oakland TWP  Neighbor Watchers called and said they had

been out looking at the high water and decided to drive past the Hilltop

View LLC CAFO.  They said they saw dead hogs laying outside the CAFO's

door.  We grabbed the camera and drove over to see what this was about. 

This is what we saw.

Click on each thumbnail picture to open. 

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This is what the call was about and it was still raining

Look close to the right side you will see a hand above the curtain.



This is gray water right in the ditch in front of the CAFO next to their driveway.


The first picture is the driveway where the water is running out of and

down the main road towards the Sugar Creek

The next three are the left side the middle and the right side of the road way where the water is pouring down the hill.  [This part of the road is all down hill]

Notice the white trash. It looks like something that floated down from there. 

Maybe something from one of the workers lunches.


On the left is the bridge that is over Sugar Creek notice the water on it.

The picture on the right is just on the other side of the bridge.  This is the

water coming out of the creek banks starting to flood the road.


This picture is on the main Rushville/Vermont blacktop right before the

other bridge that also crosses over Sugar Creek.  This is about one mile

down stream from the Hilltop View LLC CAFO.


These two pictures are of The JK4 RANCH which is 2 miles down stream

from Hilltop View LLC CAFO.  This is pasture for the cattle & horses on

this property.  The water is covering a 20 acre field.

 The rain gauge shows how much rain there was when this was taken.

We are afraid there are chances of bacteria being in the water from the CAFO

especially when they are leaving dead carcass out unattended in the rains.

 The compost pile was only a few feet away where these dead animals

should have been properly dispose of instead of leaving them out the way

they did.

It was reported to the IEPA.  There was an email with the photos. It was

returned saying that they had reviewed the pictures and the handling

procedures are acceptable and meet the requirements of the

Illinois Dead Animal Disposal Act. It is in their guidelines.  Where are our guidelines for our safety for clean air and water.

So you can see why we are upset.  We make a report to try to protect our

waters only to get this type of an answer.   


Keep checking as we will keep posting any reports that we have.


Any comment or questions you can contact us here


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